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Next to proper air sealing, insulation is arguably the most important feature that contributes to your comfort and your home’s overall energy efficiency. Without proper insulation, your home needs larger, more expensive heating and cooling devices to keep you comfortable and those devices need to work harder, consuming more electricity, gas, or oil and costing you money.

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Make your home more energy-efficient

If you’re thinking about starting a few home improvement projects, you may want to include making your home as energy-efficient as possible. Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade is a state-wide program offered by participating utilities.

Energy Upgrade California® Home Upgrade is a comprehensive, “whole house” approach to home energy efficiency that offers financial incentives for installing approved energy upgrades in your home. Maximize savings and comfort with a “whole house” approach by treating your house as a system and making multiple improvements that work together to increase efficiency overall. By utilizing this approach, you’ll maximize your long-term energy savings...(Learn More)
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