Heating and Air Conditioning Ductwork

Duct work is the means through which the air flow travels in your home. You will find it usually in the attic or basement as the starting point connecting your equipment to your registers. There are a variety of materials that duct work can be built from, depending on your home’s set-up and the area where you live. Nationally more than 63% of homes have some type of ductwork issue reducing efficiency. Did you know that If you have a 15% return air leak in the duct work in a unconditioned area like your attic or crawl space can easily reduce efficiency up to 46%!
Attic Bros technicians are ready to meet all of your ducting needs, including routine service and maintenance, emergency repairs, indoor air quality products, duct cleaning, new air conditioning & heating systems, and whole-home generators. Our Bay Area technicians are here to help lower your energy bills, increase your comfort, and improve your health.

Attic Bros air duct cleaning process can help improve indoor air quality, while reducing symptoms for allergy sufferers in the Greater San Francisco Bay area. Our duct cleaning service also allows your HVAC system to run more efficiently, which saves money and extends equipment life. We also offer custom ductwork in the Bay area - including exposed spiral duct, along with bath, oven, and dryer venting, commercial ventilation systems and fire dampers.

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