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The maximum thermal performance or R-value of insulation is very dependent on proper installation. Homeowners can install some types of insulation -- notably blankets and materials that can be poured in place. Other types require professional installation. To evaluate blanket installation, you can measure batt thickness and check for gaps between batts as well as between batts and framing. In addition, inspect insulation for a tight fit around building components that penetrate the insulation, such as electrical boxes. To evaluate sprayed or blown-in types of insulation, measure the depth of the insulation and check for gaps in coverage.

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Rodent & Pest

Attic Bros can get rid of your rats, mice and other rodents. We practice safe pest control by using new products and demonstrating environmental responsibility. (Learn More)



New insulation can be installed on top of the old one but there are times when insulation should be removed. We will be able to assess your insulation and determine if it needs to be replaced. (Learn More)


Air Duct

Evaluate your duct work. An Attic Bros technician can come to your home and inspect the complete duct system as well as other parts of your home where you may be losing air or efficiency.
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HVAC to Ho


Cooling and heating maintenance agreements provide many benefits when performed by a professional HVAC contractor. We help keep your AC operating efficiently through California's hot summer months. (Learn More)


Crawl Space

Crawl spaces in your home are probably the least visited part of your home, definitely the most neglected and yet it has a significant impact on the health of your home and the quality of the air. (Learn More)


Air Duct

Air Ducts are part of the ventilation, heating, and cooling systems of the house. Contaminated air ducts have the potential to create several health risks for the people residing in the house. (Learn More).



Radiant barriers are installed in homes -- usually in attics -- primarily to reduce summer heat gain and reduce cooling costs. The materials reflect radiation, and reduce the flow of heat.
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The architectural lifetime of a roof can vary depending on the materials used. Shingles can crack, fall or become damaged. Attic Bros does roof replacements, pressure washing and more. (Learn More)

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